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                    What Sets Our Film making Courses Apart


Film making is not something that is simply learned. Being confined to a classroom where one is taught the basic criteria for bringing a story to life will ultimately limit one’s development as a filmmaker. At the Disciples Film And Television Institute, our philosophy is learning by doing, something students will experience from the second they step into one of our many facilities . Whether potential students are interested in creating feature length films, shorts, music videos, or documentaries, the Academy’s diverse film making courses will fit each student’s specific needs as an aspiring filmmaker.

                                                                     Film Education for Everyone

The INSTITUTE  offers a rich multitude of DIPLOMA and short courses for students of all ages and experience, from intensive one-week workshops to DIPLOMA PROGRAMMES  -. In creating the curriculum that makes up our film school, we worked directly with filmmakers, producers, screenwriters, and many more to foster an environment that promotes success at every level. By adapting the techniques and ideas from the leading university film schools to a set of courses that focus on in-depth vocational training, our students receive not just an education, but a set of experiences that give them the hands-on experience necessary to actually realize their goals as filmmakers.

                                                                      Student Success

There are many roads to the world of film making and we make it our priority to give students the means to engage in every discipline related to the art and craft of visual storytelling. Our film making course structure is as varied and extensive as you can expect from a world class institution that has jump started innumerable success stories. Just a quick perusal of our illustrious alumni will give you an idea of the company you will be joining when enrolling in one of our many hands-on courses. It’s no wonder that our student body is made up of individuals from around the world who share the same passion for telling stories with the moving image.

Disciples Film And Television Institute, students don’t just learn how to make a film, but how to achieve actual success in a competitive industry.

What to Expect from Our Courses in Film making

So how do we train a diverse body of students with varied levels of experience and differing needs and interests to place them on the path of realizing their goals as filmmakers? Each course is comprised of a wide ranging set of subjects that cover all of the fundamental bases of the medium including directing, cinematography, screenwriting, producing, and editing. These topics are all taught by film making professionals and accredited faculty whose varying specialties ensure that students receive the best possible education in each aspect of the film making process. Through a concentrated schedule of classroom learning, teacher-supervised workshops, and outside projects, our courses in film making aim to give students the confidence to have a working understanding of production.

                                                                     Collaborative Film making Courses

No education in film is complete without directly experiencing the highly collaborative environment that film making requires and students work with each other and faculty to develop their own particular interests while getting hands-on training in all of the elements at work on a film set. From the start, students are placed behind the camera to learn the many visual, dramatic, and technical challenges a director faces. This includes assisting their crews in the roles of director of photography, assistant camera person, and gaffer/grip, so that each student receives extensive set experience.

                                                                    Immersive Film Education

Our courses are based on the premise of total immersion, with the lessons learned in the classroom applied directly to original film production that students will create, forming the foundation of their education. At the core of our film making are courses in the Director’s Craft, Writing, Editing, Hands-On Camera/Lighting, Production, Sound Design, and Cinematography. Regardless of the course a student decides is right for him or her, one can expect a thorough education that not only stresses the fundamentals of these different disciplines, but will have students applying what they learn in the classroom to a variety of different film projects that will help them develop the technical and creative skills needed for visual and dramatic storytelling. Students’ education at the Disciples Film And Television Institute will culminate in the pre-production, production, and post-production of an original short or feature-length film, depending on the course they enrolled in. At the end of each Disciples Film And Television Institute course, students’ hard work and commitment are celebrated with a school screening of their films open to cast, crew, friends, and family.

                                                                   Film Making Fundamentals

While the number and range of course work will vary depending on which program or workshop a student enrolls in, those taking part in Disciples Film And Television Institute film making courses can expect to receive the following fundamental education.

  • Director’s Craft : An introduction to the language and craft of directing film, students will receive the necessary preparation and instruction in the fundamentals of visual storytelling. Instructors will challenge students to discover the most effective and expressive means by which to shoot their films by educating them on the history of how the most renowned directors have approached film. In addition, each students will write, direct, and edit his or her own films and work directly with other students by assisting them on the creation of their films as well.
  • Cinematography: This course will train students in the essentials of shooting film with the use of video cameras and their accessories. With the aid of workshops and film tests, students will also learn the essential lighting techniques and how these inform the mood of a story while also experimenting with expressive lighting styles.
  • Screenwriting : Every film starts with an idea for a story, but how does one develop that into an actual script? The Academy’s screenwriting courses teach students how to bring their stories to life by concentrating on the basics of visual storytelling and constructive analysis in taking an idea and building it into a treatment, an outline, rough draft, and ultimately, a shooting script. Each student will write his or her own screenplay that they will bring to life in their films.
  • Producing  : In the Academy’s production courses, students are taught to break down a film to its essential elements for budgeting and scheduling. Students will learn all of the essential forms to use in their own film projects.
  • Digital Editing : Learning how to edit a film together is the essential element to bringing any story to life. Students learn a variety of aesthetic approaches to editing film and video and how to achieve temporal and spatial continuity in their projects.
  • Film History : In creating an original story, students must learn the varied history of the motion picture and the critical film making terminology that they will put to use in their other course work. Students are educated in the essential canon of cinematic history in order to become better filmmakers.


                                                                Equipment Used in Our Film making Courses

When enrolling in a course at the Disciples Film And Television Institute, students will have access to the best possible equipment in order to prepare them for the real world of film making. Students in a DIPLOMA course learn to shoot on a wide spectrum of film, which includes 16mm, 35mm, Hi-Def, Super 16mm, Red Dragon, Red Epic and Red Scarlet cameras.

For those students taking one of the Disciples Film And Television Institute Film making Workshops, they will learn to shoot on 16mm film with Arriflex-S cameras and portable Lowel lighting packages. Those taking our Digital Film making Workshops will use a Panasonic HMC150 digital video camera.

Aspiring auteurs in our One-Year Film making Program will shoot with Arriflex 16mm cameras, the 35mm Panavision camera, and HD digital video cameras.

Across all of our film making courses, students will edit digitally with digital editing software using Macintosh computers.

                                                                          World Preparation

Regardless of where students choose to attend the Academy, they will learn under an exceptional faculty with professional experience and who have worked on professional productions and film sets. Through our set of courses that place students straight onto a variety of film sets while learning the fundamentals and history of film, students will be prepared to enter the world of film making upon completion.